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About Us

Home of the Bears

Beverly Hills School is in alignment with our Community Goals: 

Five Elements of Success (Pipeline to Prosperity)

Element I --   Full Service Community Schools

Element II --  21st Century Skills

Element III -- Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

Element IV --  Active Parent and Community Involvement

Element V --   Positive School Cultures

Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


At Beverly Hills Elementary School, our mission is to provide a challenging learning environment that empowers all children to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self confidence and self esteem.



Beverly Hills Elementary School is a learning community where every child is provided with the support systems necessary for their growth and learning, while at the same time having an environment that is safe, kind and encourages responsibility.  Support systems are described as teachers, staff, community, peers, and family.  



  • Families participating in their child’s education
  • Varied life experiences that families bring to Beverly Hills
  • Diversity of our neighborhood
  • Highly trained educators who provide a quality education for all learners
  • All students working toward their full potential
  • A safe environment for all learners and staff
  • Constructive dialogue among all stakeholders to continually improve the learning environment
  • Each member of our school community, our students, our staff and our parents
  • A school wide transition to 21st century technology to allow our students full access to the modern world.



  • To provide a learning environment that fosters independent, responsible, lifelong learners.
  • Teachers, parents, students and staff will partner to help each student progress towards their full potential, celebrating accomplishments while building strong relationships.
  • Teachers will collaborate in grade level teams and develop annual SMART goals with a commitment to regular monitoring of their SMART goals.
  • To improve student performance in both English Language Arts and Math in each grade level as measured by performance on school, district and state assessments
  • To consistently monitor student progress using a variety of data: observations, progress reports and test scores, teacher will make adjustments to re-teach skills to support students’ learning.
  • To improve our school climate and culture by using Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) strategies consistently to build towards a safe and healthy school environment.